Iowa Forecast Video 8/7/2012


SEASONALLY COOL: A day or two of warm weather is expected to be followed by several cool and pleasant days that will last into the weekend. There is a few isolated rain chances interspersed within the forecast, with rainfall that could be moderate to heavy if one locale happens to get a thunderstorms in the right moment. Otherwise most areas look to get a quarter inch or less over the next 5 days or so.

STATE FAIR: The first few days of the state fair look great in Des Moines. Temperatures will be in the lower to middle 80s from Thursday through at least the weekend with some possible rain Sunday or Monday.

NO EXTREME HEAT FOR A WHILE: The GFS is not showing at least at this time, with a trough over the east and ridge over the west. Then about a week to 10 days from now the pattern shifts to a ridge in the east and trough out west, although the ridge over the east will be nothing like the heat ridge we’ve seen throughout most of July across the area. With this change, we may see more systems coming through bringing some much needed rain to the state. Although as of now, rainfall would be late for the crops, but we could always use the rainfall for other plants and the grass into the fall.

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Jeff Wilcox serves as the Senior Forecaster at the Iowa Weather Network with primary focuses in long term weather operations and climatology. Weather has always fascinated me since I was young. My first memory of weather was back in 1988 during the Mother’s Day Tornado Outbreak in 1988. I can vaguely remember the cold snap the state experienced around Christmas Time in 1983, but was too young to remember that vividly. Growing up in Anamosa since moving there in 1981, I’ve experienced all the weather imaginable from bitter cold in early 1996 to hot and humid weather in 1995 and again in 2012, to floods in 1993, 1999, 2008 and 2013, Droughts in 1988 and 2012. After doing some other website work and other interests which included publishing a novel in 2007, I finally began the Iowa Weather Blog on June 27th 2008, right after the Flood of 2008. I worked it alone for hours on end giving out weather information that I thought was appropriate for those that wanted to know what was going on in their skies and what was to come. I continue to work on the blog along with the Iowa Weather Network which was created back in 2012 and continue to do so to this day.

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