Iowa Weather Discussion November 30th 2012


NOTE: No video today but we should return with one tomorrow.

WARMER AIR: Readings are continuing to warm day by day as we head toward the weekend. There will be some fog and low clouds today especially in the northern counties with the warmer air running up and over the colder air at the ground. Sunshine breaks out this weekend with a slight chance of rain Saturday, but the better chances hold out until Monday.

BACK TO SEASONAL: A cold front will move through the state Monday with a chance of showers and perhaps a few isolated thunderstorms. Severe weather is not expected. Rainfall will be light as some areas may not even see a drop of rain from this system either. A tenth to a quarter inch will be the norm for those that happen upon some precipitation on Monday. Temperatures will drop back into the 30s and 40s for highs with readings warming again ahead of another front that will come through Thursday night and Friday of next week. That storm has a much better chance of some rainfall and perhaps some snowfall with the cold air filtering in behind the front.

TRENDS SHOWING NO TRENDS: On the IWR two days ago, we showed on the video a storm around the 11th and 12th of December that looked to be a big snowstorm across the state. We also mentioned that it was likely going to change several times between then and now. It’s changed and right now this run shows a lack of a low pressure center, most of the moisture along the gulf coast and little snow (perhaps an inch or two around here). Not what I’d call a “blizzard”. We’ll keep watching it in future IWR’s.

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