Author Derek McKay

Derek McKay is a Senior Horticulturist for the Iowa Weather Network. Derek is a degreed horticulturist and writes frequent posts about Iowa prairie and gardening tips, in addition to leading the fall foliage and spring bloom reports. Derek is 25 and grew up in the town of Clayton, Wisconsin. He moved to south after college to his current city of Cumming, Iowa after stints in Rochester, Minnesota and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His hobbies include weather, while his passion and career is in the horticultural field. Derek works as a greenhouse and horticulture specialist at Ted Lare Garden Center located in Cumming, where he helps people with plants selections. Derek's education consists of a degree in horticulture, which he received at University Center Rochester in Rochester, MN. Derek is very involved in the community and spends his spare time volunteering at the Des Moines Botanical Center. He's loved weather and gardening for as long as he can remember, but became highly involved with the weather after the June 2001 straight line wind event in northern Wisconsin. In December 2007, he was inspired to start a weather blog, but now does horticulture columns with the Iowa Weather Network. Anyone that has questions regarding plants or is in need of something identified is encourage to email him at He enjoys reading your emails and does a great job responding.

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