McKinney Park Cumming, IA 1/30/17

Wow did today’s weather make it feel like spring is around the corner, with a little less wind it would have been even better! Today’s warm spell was brought to us by a clipper system that impacted areas north and east of Iowa. Northeast Iowa did see a bit of snow from this system but most of it was found in Minnesota and Wisconsin. This left most of Iowa wide open for a burst of warm air from the south and this with a bit of sunshine lead to highs reaching the 40s and 50s with cities in southwestern Iowa being just shy of 60! This was the first big warm up of the year and left many areas with light snowcover to loose it entirely and even areas of North Iowa which just got a foot plus of snow last week to start melting it down. Below is a list of highs that were seen throughout the state today which you can see the large contrast there was in temperatures from southwest to northeast.

Speaking of being like Spring, today we came ever so close to having the first flower of the year here as the Snowdrops were testing to see if it’s warm enough to bloom!

Shenandoah 59.F
Omaha/Council Bluffs 56.F
Lamoni 54.F
Ottumwa 54.F
Osceola 53.F
Keokuk 52.F
Des Moines 52.F
Chariton 52.F
Creston 52.F
Sioux City 49.F
Iowa City 48.F
Denison 48.F
Cedar Rapids 45.F
Muscatine 45.F
Ames 44.F
Marshalltown 43.F
Davenport 41.F
Storm Lake 41.F
Sheldon 41.F
Estherville 41.F
Mason City 40.F
Waterloo 40.F
Dubuque 37.F
Decorah 37.F


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