Snowdrop 1st bloom on 2/6/17

Today the first flower of 2017 opened an award that goes to this single Snowdrop ( Galanthus Elwesii ) This is exactly one week later then last years first making it the second year in a row with mid winter blooms. This bloom comes earlier then the average first flower, typically Snowdrops bloom here about two weeks from now at the end of the month, so right month wrong week! The lack of any form of winter lately lead to this earlier than normal floral display.

Today felt the opposite of winter as the high rose to 58.F here in south central Iowa with no snowcover. Normally we could expect highs in the lower to mid 30s this time of year. It was one of those days where you could tell it was going to be a nice one even early on with plentiful sunshine and a scent in the air that only southerly breezes seem to bring. It was certainly a day to be outdoors, I saw people walking and biking and even noticed some people doing spring-chores in their gardens. I’ll be waiting a bit longer just in case winter makes a rude appearance. Noticed I said appearance and not come-back that’s just because outside one big cold spell in December we really haven’t had much of a winter around here.


Highs Monday the 6th

Iowa City 58.F
Des Moines 58.F
Knoxville 57.F
Osceola 57.F
Washington 57.F
Davenport 55.F
Ankeny 55.F
Clarinda 55.F
Lamoni 55.F
Chariton 55.F
Ames 54.F
Keokuk 54.F
Cedar Rapids 52.F
Waterloo/Cedar Falls 51.F
Sioux City 48.F
Dubuque 48.F
Atlantic 46.F
Omaha/Council Bluffs 46.F
Fort Dodge 46.F
Caroll 46.F
Spencer 43.F
Decorah 39.F
Mason City 38.F


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