About Us

“A few of the points that I gathered from one of the presentations is that you can have as accurate of a forecast as you want, but the public still may not prepare for the expected hazards.”Henry Luker, 2015
The Iowa Weather Network is an independent and non-profit amateur weather organization that proudly serves the 99 counties of Iowa, as well as the 42 surrounding counties of the state. We have prided ourselves on being one of the most accurate, local, reliable, and personal weather sources in Iowa. Composed of nine core staff members around the region and many more contributors and chasers, we have covered everything related to Iowa weather: whether it is your normal Iowa sunny sky forecast in the “Iowa Weather Report” produced daily, to the historical weather events which have impacted Iowa in the past, to the tragic severe weather events that affect us each year. By using our wide variety of outlets, from our Facebook page, to our Twitter page or our exclusive live severe weather coverage, we are proud to serve and protect The Heartland State, as we have since 2008.

Mission: The mission of the Iowa Weather Network is to protect lives and property by communicating accurate and reliable weather information.

The Iowa Weather Network was founded on May 5, 2012 as one of the most powerful weather organization alliances in the state. Henry Luker, founder and lead forecaster, originally operated a small organization called “Iowa’s Severe Weather Center,” and later become good friends and partners with Jeff Wilcox, owner of the successful Iowa Weather Blog, and Dan Herrstrom, owner of veteran storm chasing website Iowa-Skywarn.org.The long term vision of the network was to become one of the biggest weather ‘super-sites’ in the United States, combining Henry and Jeff’s meteorological skills with Dan’s Information Technology skills. The three original domains, IowaWX.com, iaswc.org, and iowa-skywarn.org, have since been merged together into a single domain, iawx.net. We continue to grow every day and have formed tight partnerships with four other organizations.