ForeverChasing, LLC


ForeverChasing strives to offer weather enthusiasts a look at the fury and beauty that nature has to offer. Each spring, their team roams Tornado Alley in search of the most extreme and the most picturesque weather on earth. Working with the National Weather Service as well as their media partners, they give reports from the field that may save lives. Real-time storm information can make the difference between life and death in the most dangerous situations.


Pacific Northwest

WeatherOn is a local, voluntary, organization that predicts the weather and climate patterns for the Washington and Oregon regions. We feature weather blogs from some of the most ambitious meteorological talents in the Pacific Northwest, and we offer clear and informative forecasts for cities and zones around the area. With innovative features such as live chatting sessions and video forecasts, WeatherOn is far from your traditional weather site.


Central Minnesota

The mission of WeatherBuzz is plain and simple, to provide our users with an accurate forecast, precise radar image, and interesting weather blogs. WeatherBuzz began back in 2010 as an idea to provide weather on a mobile and web platform. Since then, WeatherBuzz has developed a website with tons of features to provide those in central Minnesota with weather information. With a mobile app in the works, you can count on Weather Buzz to provide you with accurate information.

The Hurricane Network


The Hurricane Network (THN) founded in New York is a non-governmental forecasting organization dedicated for tropical cyclone forecasting and analysis. Since 2011, The Hurricane Network has provided several thousand people critical tropical cyclone forecasts via our social media platforms and our website. The Hurricane Network gained it’s name because we are volunteer-based and have a network of volunteers spanning from Hawaii to Puerto Rico providing coastal residents updated forecasts. THN uses similar software such as AWIPS 2 that is used at the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center.